Vangest Distrim Sistemas Distrim Systems was founded in May 1991 and is the leading company for distributing PLM-CAD/CAM/CAE integrated solutions. It is currently a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for Dassault Systèmes for CATIA and ENOVIA, and provides engineering, consultancy and training services as well as implementing solutions for computer-assisted design and manufacturing. It is responsible for marketing analysis solutions from MSC-Software, Nastran, Patran, SimDesigner, SimOffice, etc. DISTRIM is based in Marinha Grande and also has an office at Oliveira de Azeméis.
Extreme Extreme EXTREME is an innovative company, founded in 2011 with the aim of creating a single solution for the most important areas of launching and developing top class sportspeople. To this end, EXTREME's team has created a working atmosphere which brings together the principles of Managing and Marketing with a passion for sport. The BOLDNESS of its work; the DETERMINATION it shows when fighting for its clients' results; its ABILITY to quickly adapt to different forms, people and contexts make EXTREME the ideal partner for managing the most daring events and sports activities.
Grandesign Grandesign Grandesign is a design firm specialising in designing products and vehicles, offering a complete range of design services. From concept design to engineering, and bringing it to life using the latest prototyping techniques. Founded in Marinha Grande, Grandesign is the market leader for industrial design in Portugal. Grandesign seasons the products it designs just like someone seasoning a delicious meal, bringing out the flavour, adapting them to the demands of a market which is more and more competitive. They never neglect the consumers' feelings, engaging with them and creating bonds. By giving concepts form, exploring sensations, feelings and desires through design, GRANDESIGN has found a way to distinguish itself and be competitive. With more colour, more flavour, and more life! DESIGN IS THE WAY embodies GRANDESIGN's desire to design the path to success for its clients.
Harchi Harchi Creating innovative architecture which aligns function with beauty, in which creativity always plays a major role, has been the goal for HARCHI since 1991. HARCHI aims to optimise the building process, with lower costs and introducing sustainability throughout. HARCHI has a multi-talented team which makes use of sophisticated project technology, including 3D modelling and scale models. 3D images and models make use of the latest Fast Prototyping technology (FDM and SLA), and are part of the know-how which HARCHI offers to the commercial and residential market.
Inautom Inautom With more than 25 years' experience, INAUTOM has, over the years, adopted a business policy focused on the client, in order to adapt its technological resources to each client's specific needs. From the very beginning, INAUTOM has assisted and provided equipment for small family businesses, small, medium and large industrial enterprises as well as mould testing companies and engineering schools. INAUTOM has sold equipment since 1990 in a demanding and constantly changing market, becoming the official dealers for EUROINJ in Europe and Africa, the result of a partnership with the LienYu Machinery Co Ltd and Inautom's know-how.
Nextvision Nextvision Nextvision was founded in 1997 and is part of the Vangest Group. It is focused on marketing and support for IT hardware for demanding markets such as telecommunications, multimedia, broadcasting, scientific research and development, industry, education, architecture, computer graphics, geographical information, systems integration and visualisation. Its knowledge, acquired over the last 15 years, make Nextvision the ideal partner for implementing integrated solutions in the IT sector. From complex structured networks to sophisticated calculation centres and telecommunication systems, Nextvision is the integrator able to rise up to even the most complex IT challenges.