Bruno Oliveira promises 4th place overall in the European IAME in Salbris.

The difficult track at Salbris, 200km south of Paris was the setting for an extraordinary final from Bruno Oliveira, remarkable for his recovery from last to 4th place. Following a nasty accident in one of the qualification races on Saturday afternoon in which Bruno was hit by another driver (the son of a Portuguese emigrant family) in a clear display of a lack of sportsmanship and fair play, Bruno received medical attention which allowed him to participate in the pre-final and the final itself. Taking painkillers, Bruno decided to show his adversaries and himself that he could overcome the pain and difficulties and took his Zanardi to 4th position overall. This result came down to the technical team, lead by Fernando Cabo, working in perfect harmony, who did an excellent job ensuring the best chassis tuning and carburation of the Iame motor.